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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of our users. We, therefore, developed this privacy policy. We have several ways to get access to user information. User data is gathered by Patient On Click. Only future contact with them will be made via this. Email addresses and other contact info are collected. We maintain strict confidentiality about them and do not disclose them to outside parties.

Use of Information

Patient On Click offers digital marketing services as well as SEO services to healthcare organizations and providers in India. Customers are encouraged to get in touch with us via the website. People divulge their private information when utilizing our website. Their data is only utilized in relation to our services.

Collection of Information

Users voluntarily provide us with their personal information for our services. Sending us a query also shares information. Users provide personal data in the ways listed below.

  • Through contact form
  • Through a request for quotation
  • Through use of our website and cookies

Some technical information is with us through cookies. We do not use it and relate it further with the user’s personal information.

Information we collect in the service subscription form

At the time we ask for your personal information, we will make clear the personal information we are requesting from you as well as the reasons for doing so. We could ask for your contact information when you sign up for an account, such as your name, company name, address, email address, and phone number. We make use of the data we gather in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Provide, operate, and maintain your website
  • Improve, personalize, and expand your website
  • Implement new content, services, features, and functionality to enhance your site ranking on search engines
  • Posting content on your social media profiles.

All these activities will be done after your consent only.


Patient on Click makes every attempt to safeguard the user's personal information. At the same time, we anticipate that consumers will only share data when absolutely necessary. We ask users not to share their personal information unless absolutely necessary. We won't be held accountable for any data sent to third-party sellers via our website.

Contact Us

Every user may have a question or concern regarding our privacy policy. In this scenario, he/she must first get in touch with us. Our website contains information about how to reach us.

Notification of Changes

Together with this privacy statement, we reserve the right to amend the policy at any time. There is no need to inform the users in advance. Visitors must read our privacy statement before using our website. Users and clients that provide us with data do so in accordance with our policy. The user should refrain from using our website and sharing their information if they do not agree with our privacy policy.

Refund Policy

Patient On Click has an open and honest return and cancellation policy. The procedures for order cancellation and refunds are listed below.

Cancellation Policies

  • Without a properly written confirmation, no cancellation will be taken into consideration. The appropriate department or company management should provide the confirmation.
  • Requests for cancellations should be addressed to the relevant individual or department well in advance. In this case, the appropriate response should be sought.
  • Only if the project's execution has not begun will the requests be accepted.

Due to third-party services like hosting and web development, website traffic may decline. In this scenario, we won't be held accountable for the low traffic.

Refund Policies

We don't return money for any services that have already been rendered. Clients are expected to comprehend the nature of SEO services before engaging in our services. After the completion of our job, a decrease in website traffic does not call for a refund.

Any such refund requests from the client will not be entertained by us. Later on, the website might need maintenance. The client may additionally request any additional website fulfillment that wasn't included in the project. These duties will be billed separately from the services that have already been provided in such circumstances.

Legal Disclaimer

Patient On Click does not guarantee and endorse the correctness and authenticity of any material downloaded from and linked to our website. If the user is accessing any linked material, it shall be at his/her own risk.

  • We do not accept any claim made by the client with regard to the loss or failure of data. Loss or failure of your data is not the responsibility of the Patient on Click.
  • We are also not responsible for any damage to systems that result from using our website. Any client's claim submitted for such a loss will not be subject to our liability.
  • With our client, we might enter into a contract for the delivery of services.
  • Regarding the agreement we have with our clients, no other party may make any claims.
  • Other information and conditions provided on our website do not guarantee any preciseness or warranty of any kind.
  • The client will hold all responsibility for the information they provide to post or upload on their website.
  • We will not be responsible for any copyright violation occurring on the client’s website.
  • We are not liable for any medical/healthcare information published on clients' websites or social media or any other blog site on the Internet as everything will be published only after the consent of the client
  • Any accidental loss of data due to direct or indirect or consequential reasons will not be our liability.

Our SEO plans depend on the changes in search engine algorithms because of the nature of our services. Our controllable factors may not be the only ones to affect website rankings badly, such as network outages. Due to the existence of such elements, which are beyond our control, the customer must thus consent to good or bad results to a certain extent.

Any technical difficulties with the client's website and system that can impair the effectiveness of our services are not the responsibility of Patient On Click.

Terms and Conditions

As clients or users use our website and services, they agree with these terms and conditions. We may review and revise these terms as per our policies. The revisions do not require any advance notice.

General Terms and conditions

  • Users will not use our website for any unlawful purpose.
  • Users will not use our website to disable, damage, and impair it in anyway.
  • All of the details you give us should be true and your own. You won't give us any information belonging to a third party.
  • The person won't be able to access our account or system without authorization.

Data and System Security

We maintain a secure website to safeguard the information of our users. However, we disclaim all responsibility for any harm and data loss that may result to a user's computer as a result of downloading or uploading content from our website.

Website Content

We exclusively own all of the content that is shown on our website. No one may duplicate or copy our content without our express written consent. The infringement of copyright laws may be explained by this.


The laws of the Indian government will be followed in any conflict or disagreement. All disputes will belong to the jurisdiction of the courts of Ahmedabad.

Before publishing and filing anything against us with regard to the use of our site and services, you should contact us first.


Because of the nature of our services:

  • We need to be granted permission to use the client's website for updating the information and implementing SEO.
  • All information updation and SEO activities will only be done with the client's permission and approved access.
  • We leverage the websites of our clients to offer a range of services, including web design, SEO, web development, and marketing.

Stopping Subscription to Our Services

  • Clients need to ask to stop SEO activities and digital marketing information via a written request from their official email provided to us during the signup process.
  • Upon “Stop” Request we stop access to clients' websites.
  • It is the client's responsibility to change access passwords to their websites and social media after they ask us to stop.
  • Any changes on social media platforms or websites made after the “Stop” Request by the client and after we stop access shall not be our responsibility
  • We do not use client websites unless specifically requested by the client.

SEO best practices are meticulously adhered to by Patient On Click. It will offer services based on what it wants. The business is under no obligation to comply with any undesirable service requests from anyone.

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