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Robstown Smiles in Texas, USA

Robstown Smiles is an affordable, family clinic in Robstown Texas. Robstown Smiles provides general dentistry procedures as well as endodontic procedures and Pediatric dentistry procedures.

Services Offered

  • Digital AdvertisingDigital Advertising
  • Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing
  • Dentist Paid AdDentist Paid Ad
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Robstown Smiles in Texas, USA
The Problem

The Problem

Robstown, Tx is a town with a population of about 10000. Competing with 3 old and very established Dental Clinics in Robstown was not a small feat for our client hence they reached us for digital marketing services.

The Solution

The Solution

The Patient on the Click team put in some serious work to ensure that Robstown Smiles had every angle covered. For Robstown Smiles, we worked on giving them a 360 degree in Digital marketing through SEO, Facebook ads and Google ads, Offline Events, and more.

The Result

The Result

With our collaborative efforts, Robstown Smiles turned into a successful clinic. The results below are enough to tell our success story.


Calls from Map


Website clicks for Appointments


Increase in Organic Website Traffic


Increase in conversion rates

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