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Patient On Click is the right choice for every healthcare provider. Our healthcare marketing services encompass unique solutions custom-made for healthcare organizations. We help healthcare organizations become more visible, book new patients, and to help in better engagement with existing clients.

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Transform Your Practice with Healthcare Marketing Company

Our expertise in providing the best marketing solutions for healthcare makes us the best in our field. Healthcare marketing solutions by Patient On Click are made to suit all sizes of medical practices to bring potential clients or patients closer to them. Our marketing is directed toward giving better engagement, quick transformation, and longer retention. Our software and services are customized to suit healthcare organizations and providers to offer more visibility, patients, and growth.

Medical SEO

Our Medical SEO services work to help your healthcare website rank higher with optimized engaging content to drive more traffic.

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Medical Website Design

Get a visually appealing presence online with POC by stunning and user-friendly responsive website to reach more patients.

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Social Media & PPC

With POC by your side use the power of strategically designed online campaigns to bring you more traffic and conversion.

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Schedule a practice evaluation session with us for insights on the possibility of growth for your practice marketing.

We'll help you get:

  • Overview of the Website SEO.
  • Analysis of Your Competitors.
  • Tracking evaluation.
  • Paid Ad strategies for your practice.
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Healthcare marketing services to grow healthcare practice

Our Marketing Services are made for the following specialties:

Are you prepared to introduce the world to your practice? Or what to grow your existing practice? You can use our tailored and efficient healthcare marketing services to grow your healthcare practice.

  • Yoga & Wellness Center
  • IVF Fertility Practice
  • Cardiologist
  • Eye Surgeon
  • Plastic Surgeon
  • Ent Surgeon
  • Urology Surgeon
  • Cancer Surgeon
  • Gastro Surgeon
  • Gynec Surgeon
  • Pharma Company
  • Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Dermatologist
  • Dietitian
  • Endocrinologist
  • Neurologist
  • Oncologist
  • Podiatrist
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Case studies

Learn about the potency of our Holistic marketing for healthcare

The organic internet traffic for DENTAL COSMETIC, our Dental Clinic client in New Jersey, increased by 94% yearly due to our SEO efforts. We generated more than 250 appointments and 800 phone calls per month using paid advertising, with an average urgent care patient appointment costing less than $5.

Zudus - Client of Patient On Click
Bombay Dental - Client of Patient On Click
Reactive Clinic - Client of Patient On Click
Wise Dental - Client of Patient On Click
Cure Cast - Client of Patient On Click
Dento Faces Clinic - Client of Patient On Click
Flomo Dental Clinic - Client of Patient On Click
Strauss Clinic - Client of Patient On Click
Cure Dental Clinic - Client of Patient On Click
Zydus Clinic - Client of Patient On Click
Bombay Dental Clinic - Client of Patient On Click
Reactive Clinic - Client of Patient On Click
Dento Faces Clinic - Client of Patient On Click
Cure Cast - Client of Patient On Click
Wise Dental - Client of Patient On Click
Cure Dental - Client of Patient On Click
Strauss Clinic - Client of Patient On Click
Reactive Clinic - Client of Patient On Click

Why Choose Patient-On-Click?

There are numerous reasons but a few are listed here:

Team of Experts in Medicine & Digital Marketing

Our skilled team knows the needs of medical organizations inside out, and we know medical terms too.

We know that different medical practices require different medical content, including not confusing Cardiology with Cardiac Surgery, and this helps us make engaging content for you to drive more traffic.

Engaging Content Creation

Content plays a huge role in ranking higher or having more traffic on any online platform.

Our experts work hard from the inception of a concept to bringing it to life, giving your potential clients all they need to visit your site or social media profile, follow you, and visit you in time of need.

Proven Track Record

We retain our healthcare clients and that is proof itself of our success in giving you success in growth and high ROI.

Our services have proved their value repeatedly by benefitting our clients in more ways than one.

ROI Oriented Service

We value you and care for your investment. Our services work to generate more leads and more conversions, leading to your profit.

Our expert strategies will use your marketing budget in the best way to achieve your objective.

Leveraging latest technologies

We love technology, and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to using technology to benefit our clients.

We use the latest web development tech and blend them with strategies to rank you higher online and give you visibility.


Better services don't have to be expensive, and affordability shouldn't hurt your business, that's why we have designed our services to be the perfect blend of affordability and quality.

With Patient On Click you'll get expert services at an affordable price with higher ROI, that is our word to you.

There is a Plan for Everyone

Big or Small, we have plans for all healthcare organizations. Whether you are a single doctor/provider or a full-fledged hospital, we have a plan custom-made just for you.

Patient On Click offers a range of services to support healthcare providers in achieving their objectives and expanding their online businesses, we provide support from creating simple website designs to providing custom development and marketing solutions.

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